TraceSCAN provides custom solutions that cater to the needs of public and private places, such as:

Wearable Technology

Contact tracing technology in everyday wearables (ex. wristbands, ID badges, etc.), especially useful when enforcing no cellphones while working.

Bluetooth Beacons

These fixed beacons are meant to be placed in high traffic or priority areas. If a COVID-19 positive individual has been in the area, the beacons will inform decisions to take appropriate action to prevent contamination (ex. close the area for thorough cleaning etc.).

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  • => Ensures public and workplace safety
  • => Reduces future outbreaks
  • => Optional and affordable
  • => Uses WIFI / Bluetooth technology
  • => Reinforces social distancing

Bluetooth Beacons

  • => Fixed contact tracing solution to ensure the safety of worker and patient safety in high traffic areas (ex. senior homes, hospitals, workplace, etc.)
  • => Useful for individuals who don’t own cellphones
  • => Uses WIFI / Bluetooth technology

Wearables: Implementation

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